Boaz Vilallonga


Boaz started coding when he was 14. He signed up for a summer course on Visual Basic, which was an easy but exciting introduction to the coding world. During that summer, Boaz developed some cryptographic software and fell in love with encryption and security. Later on, he realized that Visual Basic was not the most exciting thing in the menu.

Next summer, when Boaz was 15, he found his true coding love in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He signed up again for a summer course and he immersed himself in what today is called front-end web development. After the course, he produced several websites for his own enjoyment. After an academic hiatus, he has expanded his interest to XML, XHTML, HTML5 and CSS3.

Boaz has started a journey in Python. He is sort of marveled about the versatility and infinite capabilities of Python—like most people out there. He devotes most of his free time coding and learning everything on Python, focusing on its applications to data analysis and machine learning. He is currently working on a project dealing with machine learning capabilities in copyediting automation.